Rates and Policies

Lesson Information and Rates

I believe that my job is to train students in the fundamentals of music, and to train them to use solid and healthy techniques so that eventually they become confident guitarists and capable musicians who won't need me in order to learn new music.

To accomplish this goal students learn techniques for verbalizing and playing increasingly difficult rhythmic patterns and they learn how to use tools and tricks to help them when they encounter more complex music. Students learn how to construct scales and chords so that, if they choose, they will be able to compose, improvise, and play along with other musicians. Of course all of this takes place while they also learn new music and songs that are based on their individual musical preferences and musical abilities.

I learned years ago that thirty minutes for each lesson simply is not enough time to cover all the material necessary. So, instead of the thirty-minute lesson that most teachers schedule, my lessons are scheduled for forty-five minutes. My rate is $33.00 for each forty-five minute lesson. Lessons are billed for on a monthly basis. In addition, books and other required materials will be provided and billed for separately. Of course, I reserve the right to discontinue a student's lessons if bills are not paid in a timely manner.

Pre-Lesson Informational Meeting

Before beginning lessons I meet with prospective new students and, if applicable, their parent(s). During this meeting I attempt to give the student an idea of what to expect. We discuss my approach to teaching, my expectations, and the materials that are typically used. We will discuss the student's previous musical experience. I will make sure their guitar is suitable, or if they haven't purchased one yet I will be able to provide some guidance on their purchase. I will also ask the student who their favorite artists are or what their favorite songs are, and what they wish to accomplish.

This meeting usually takes about an hour for which there is no charge. This meeting gives the student an opportunity to consider whether or not I am the right teacher for them based on my approach, etc., and it also gives me information in order to plan the first few lessons. There may also be more detailed studio policy statements or procedures given at this meeting.